Diversco Holds 30th anniversary “Customer Appreciation Day!”

 On June 6th and 7th Diversco held its Customer Appreciation Day in celebration of their 30th year in business

The event welcomed vendors from all of their divisions; Propane, Scuba, Watersports, Compressed Gas, Transportation and Packaging and featured demos and presentations for some of their most popular product lines.

It was an amazing couple of days. The event was visited by hundreds of Diversco customers from all over North America. 

We can’t thank those enough who attended this event including our suppliers, manufacturers, business partners and our customers.  These events are important in building strong, long lasting relationships which is what our businesses was founded on and continues to be part of our core values today. It really does give our staff, customers and suppliers a chance to interact in a relaxed one-to-one setting that they may not get the opportunity to otherwise. 

Our live product demonstrations were a hit as well as the technical breakout and info sessions.  There was truly something for everyone.

Diversco also held a fundraiser for the “Fort McMurray Fires” during their Golf Tournament.

We thank all those again for their support and look forward to the next great event.