Mayor’s Workforce Training & Development Awards Recognize Local Leadership

CAMBRIDGE - Efforts to create better employees were placed front and centre earlier this week, as the annual Mayor’s Workforce Training and Development

Four Mayor’s Workforce Training and Development Awards were handed out this past

Monday (May 5). From left are: Wes DeGier of Anchor Danly, Jane Hale-McDonald of

Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc., Mayor Doug Craig, Beth Lennox of Cambridge

Eye Care, and Jon Huddle of Diversco Supply Inc.


Awards were handed out.

“Investing in people and in their training and development gives organizations the ability to reach their company-wide objectives and build a healthy organization,” Mayor Doug Craig said in a news release.

“We are proud to recognize these industry leaders and to see the value they place on training.”

This year’s recipients are:

  • Cambridge Eye Care – Small Business.

The optometric care provider and teaching practice employing 10 staff, one student and four interns committed to training objectives to have all staff certified to professional standards.

A news release detailing recipients referred to Cambridge Eye Care as “A supportive training culture that allows staff to customize their training to their personal needs, with flexibility to attend multiple industry conferences each year”.

  • Diversco Supply Inc. – Small Business.

The equipment and supplies wholesaler is dedicated to customer service with 50 full-time employees in Cambridge.

The company “leads a training and development program focused on the needs of its employees provided through a mentoring program and reimbursement of external training expenses.”

• Anchor Danly – Industrial and Manufacturing

This  international manufacturer of die sets and components for the metal forming and plastic injection moulding industries has maintained a Cambridge presence since 1986 and currently employs 60 people

“Employees create individual action plans that are used to help develop new supervisors, which enables long-standing employees an opportunity to advance and yields production efficiencies.”

• Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc. – Public/Not-for-Profit/ Social Profit.

The utility company “offers a unique training program that is flexible, employee focused and offers subsidized continuing education.”

“It’s encouraging to see how many local organizations are committed to training and investing in their staff,” said Joseph Ronca, chair of the Cambridge Training & Development Advisory Group.

“It speaks volumes to the strength of these organizations and to that of the strength of the Cambridge community.”