Our Lineage

Since our humble beginnings in 1986 when Jon Huddle and Bob Statham founded a small but mighty enterprise called ‘Sherwood Gas Controls’ our goal has remained the same - to be a value added partner, helping our customers solve complex problems and developing industry leading solutions. Now a team of seven companies, called ‘Diversco’, we have expanded both our industry and geographical base with offices, warehouses and fulfillment centers strategically located throughout North America.

Our core values, vision and mission have always focused on a “Take Care of the Customer” approach. We achieve this through a commitment to continual education and the personal and professional development of all of our employees for all of our products and services across all of our market segments.

Our commitment to excellence and strong leadership positions us to meet the demands of the world’s ever changing business requirements, maintaining a focus on organic growth and future strategic acquisitions while still adding value to our existing client base.


As part of our commitment to leading edge technology and cost competitiveness we invested in ERP and bar coding systems to ensure execution excellence and the training of these systems for every employee. This is all necessary because we warehouse and distribute 20,000 plus unique SKU’s.

We invest in Web and Social Media campaigns that drive awareness to all of our company’s products, services and employment opportunities. We also self-publish hard and soft copy catalogues describing products, services and technical data for the sale and purchase of our goods.

Training and Education

Diversco is committed to the personal and professional development of all of our employees to maintain our momentum and continuously improve our level of service. We depend on and leverage our global supply chain for external training and accreditation to ensure the highest levels of competency for all of our products and services, and look to cross train employees wherever possible. We encourage our employees to continue their post- secondary education and afford every opportunity for their personal and professional development since we recognize continuous improvement is driven from all areas of the organization.

We are pleased to share that the “mean tenure” of our staff is 10 plus years in a 35 year old company, and that our attrition rate is next to zero. A committed company usually means a committed staff and that’s a bilateral relationship that is working at Diversco!